Exceptional Service.

Law enforcement is more than just deterring and solving crime. Good law enforcement requires exceptional service with a common sense approach. Every interaction is an opportunity to enhance the quality of life for a citizen. Although difficult at times to put into practice, the members of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office have an excellent reputation for their measured approach to dealing with difficult issues. Leadership that fosters that discerning spirit, knowing when to be firm and when to be compassionate, is one of my priorities as sheriff.

My administration also wants to maximize the use of volunteers. Volunteers will be an integral part of my administration’s focus on service as we move forward. Volunteers, whether providing routine administrative assistance or answering calls for service alongside deputies, will continue to be an indispensable part of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office team.

Lean Leadership.

Private industry has known for years that efficiency is not just a dream, it is an absolute necessity in today’s difficult economic times. During the next few years, my goal is to continue to train my leadership team in Lean Management and Process Improvement techniques. This philosophy strives to provide more efficient and better quality service to citizens, while, at the same time, making the process easier for members of the Sheriff’s Office. When properly implemented, it really is a win-win. I am happy to report that, based on a 2014 study by the Florida Association of Counties (the organization that represents the County Commissioners in the State of Florida), your Hernando County Sheriff's Office (when adjusted for population) is savings millions and millions of dollars a YEAR.

Economic Development.

Although law enforcement is not typically at the top of the list when it comes to solutions for improving the economy, it does play a role. When a family or a business is exploring a move into an area, one of the first concerns explored is the safety of the community. My leadership team and I understand this fact and want to do everything reasonable to ensure crime does not inhibit economic growth in Hernando County. It is for this reason I am involved in the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations. Since nothing occurs in a vacuum, real solutions require a team approach. My administration wants to be part of the solution.

Law enforcement is more than just deterring and solving crime. Good law enforcement requires service with a common sense approach.